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Most Beautiful Eyes
Best Dressed
Most Adorable
Best Smile
Social media Star
Picture Perfect


*Please note novelty categories can change at anytime.
*To enter the Picture Perfect category you will need to email your favourite photo of your child.


How much does it cost?
$35 to register a child for a baby show which entitles your child entry into all of our categories.

If I can't make it on the day can I get a refund?
We will only refund your registration fee following the event with evidence of a medical certificate.

How do I register for a show?
It is recommended you register and pay prior to the baby show you wish to attend by downloading the application form above and emailing it back to    

Can I enter more than 1 child?

Yes you can enter more than 1 child, the entry fee is payable per child.

Why do we have to register?
Registering in advance helps us with making the entry process quick and easy on the day.

Can’t we just show up on the day?

Yes but We please ask that you register as it gives us an idea on how many children we will have entering the show.

How many novelty sections /categories are there?

There are 7 novelty sections/categories which can be viewed above on this page

Are there any rules?

Yes, we will not accept any child who is wearing make-up, fake tan or revealing clothing. This is a novelty baby show not an American Beauty Pageant.  

What time does a baby show start?
The show begin at 9.30am and generally finishes around 2.30pm.
What time does sign in start on the day of a show?
Sign in begins at 9.00am SHARP.
What event does Baby Show Support?
This event will support all of our bowlers at the Bribie Island Bowls Club.

What should my child wear?
Clothing that makes your child look extra cute yet comfortable.

What sort of photograph do I need to bring for the picture perfect section/category?
Any photo that you love of your baby. The photo needs to be printed and brought to the show or emailed in advance with your entry.

What can my child win at a baby show?
Trophies, Ribbons, Certificates and Our highest title of the day Prince or Princess.

Do you have a facebook page?  
Yes, check us out here
Will you be putting photos of the show on your website or Facebook page?  
Yes on Facebook and also on our Website. A part of the terms of entry into the Baby show is that we can use images of your child for media purposes at any time with no royalty rights.

What age does my child need to be?
Newborn to 5 years.